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Automated Data Feed With:
Total Access Business System For Suppliers
Fully Integrated Data Distribution & Sales Interface
System Overview

Cost Savings
Printing costs Price lists, literature, and promotions.
Distribution costs Postage and reps time.
Image creation and distribution Existing images available to all retailers under suppliers controlled process.
Training of Retail staff Reps time spent demonstrating tools can replaced by in house video or manufacturers video.
Order Taking Orders are fed directly into suppliers systems saving time entering data from faxed orders
Pre Sales Telephone support Full product data available on retailers systems.
Post Sales Telephone support Incoming orders are generated from supplier data and therefore error free.

Supplier Functionality
Provide routine product data ie. Stock number, description, price etc. to their retailers automatically from existing sources.
Provide product data of their entire range, regardless of the retailers stock holding.
Provide product images for internal, internet, and printing use to their retailers automatically.
Provide current stock availability information to retailers.
Provide expected "in stock" dates for "out of stock" products.
"Push" limited special offers directly to retailers desktops.
"Push" regular offers and new products directly to retailers desktops.
Provide a range of product training video directly to retailers premises.
Receive orders directly into their system with automated order confirmation back to retailers.
Automatically notify despatch of orders to retailers or their customers and any variations due to stock availability.
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