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Integrated Supply Chain Management

Everyone we speak to has a different priority and perspective on their business from that of their competitors in the trade.

Some will say that nothing happens until you make a sale!

Others say that selling is the easy bit, and itís through skilful purchasing that they make their money. 

Whichever way you look at it, each aspect of business has a part to play, and if you can achieve excellence in everything you do, then you will be doing OK. These days however, it is difficult enough to find the time to do everything, let alone to excel at it.  

If you consider the number of different methods which you could employ to sell your goods and services:

  • Counter SalesTrade Sales
  • Sales Desk
  • Tele-sales
  • Reps & Advertising
  • Catalogues
  • Mail Order
  • Exhibitions
  • eBay
  • Transactional Websites etc                

--- then you will understand and appreciate the benefit of having a single, central system through which to process them, and the implications on stock control and purchase order processing if you do not.  

The ability to automatically replenish stock, process purchase orders electronically to suppliers with minimal effort or in fact no effort at all, will allow you to carry just the right level of just the right stock, eliminate out of stocks, cash-in redundant stock, and take real cash benefit from labour and capital efficiencies, whilst providing the best level of customer service.

It sounds like a lot, but when it is happening automatically, electronically, it leaves you to do what you should be doing, running the business, and it gives you the information, the facts, to do it. 

Our systems are employed by the very best of the best in the trade, please see what they say and look for yourself at their businesses.
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