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Total Access Business Systems (TABS)

Our business systems of today started life many years ago as nothing more than a cry for help from friends in business. They knew that we had developed our own solutions to our own problems, and wanted us to do the same for them.

This put us in a unique situation, because we were able to provide the best solutions without the constraints imposed by established industry systems. We acknowledge that the likes of Sage & Pegasus etc are well developed market leading accounting systems, so why should we re-invent the wheel. Keep your accounting system for your accounting.

Our systems are real-time trading systems, specified by real users who want to work the way they work, no compromises. Those first customers wanted to perform their transactions in the way that best suited the way in which they traded.

So together, with lots of patience, skill and experience on both sides, we have developed a system which approaches business from a new perspective.

We encourage you to sell the way you want to sell, through whichever channels and by whatever means you choose.

We make information available to your sales operations by means of electronic communication with your suppliers.

We can enable you to develop new ways of selling to new customers, whilst retaining and growing business from existing ones.

We connect your purchasing and stock functions to automatically replenish and maintain an optimum, based on pre-determined levels and sales.

We create an environment for you, which allows electronic trading between you and your suppliers to eliminate errors and produce substantial economies in labour and capital.

Some of the most successful players in the market are using our systems with outstanding results, and after all, they specified the way things work.
Fully Integrated Point of Sale, Procurement and Stock Control.
System Overview
System Diagram

Automatic Data Updating
Typo's and errors reduced
"Live" Product Availability
Reduced "Phone" time - both "own stock" and Suppliers
Intuitive Full POS Capability
Minimal Training required for Cashiers
Full Supplier Product Range
Minimal data entry - One-click addition of new products
Automatic Order Creation
Reduced "out of stock" lost sales
Full Stock Control
Reduced investment in slow moving products
Single Point Data Control
One entry for EPOS, internal and web product data
Intelligent Reporting
Complete knowledge to make business decisions
Sage Integration
Accounting data transferred automatically
Simple Expansion Capability
One Till to Multi Branch uses the same software

TABS has such a comprehensive feature list that it is impossible to list them all here.
Contact us to find out how TABS can help you drive your business.
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