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Total Access Business System Core Platform - TABS

TABS is Cloud Based Multichannel Retail Platform that sits at the heart of your business. The platform core contains Inventory Management and Order Processing and Fulfilment Systems. Multiple retail channels (EPOS, Web, Amazon etc) can all be managed using one interface. The system comprises many additional modules that can be enabled based on the retail environment requirements, such as Purchase Ordering, Accounts Integration, Carrier Integration, Automated Stock Purchasing and even fully featured Point of Sale Tills

TABS is available in two versions. TABS Go is an ideal starting point for retailers looking to take full control over their business processes. For those who require bespoke systems TABS Pro is designed to be individually tailored to your business.

TABS is our Core Platform into which all our other products connect, and have been designed to grow with your business.

TABS was designed from the ground up to be modular. From single module systems simply running a website or an EPOS till, to fully featured end to end supply chain management, stock control and Multi-Channel integrations – TABS will scale to match your businesses

TABS runs in a web browser and depending on your requirements can be accessed securely whenever and wherever you are. Want to keep an eye on your business from your pool side in the Mediterranean? Our users already are doing!

Here are just a few features contained in every TABS Platform

  • Inventory Control
  • Order Processing
  • Purchasing
  • User Permission Control
  • Promotions
  • Customer Database
  • Operational Reports
  • Financial Reports

Core Features

  • Web Based Interface
  • Role Based User Profiles
  • 2 Factor Authentication Access
  • User Accountability
  • External Services Integration Options
  • Multiple Hardware Till Options


Inventory Control

A single inventory control centre is at the heart of all your retail channels. You will never need to re-enter product details separately into your EPOS system, Website, eBay, Amazon and so on. Each product is created once (With Tabs For Tools – most products are already created for you!) – you just choose how you want to price it.

If you want to charge a different price through each retail channel, it takes only moments to set up.

Each item in your inventory has its own dashboard where you can see an overview at a glance – pricing, stock levels & sales.

Benefits of our inventory control

  • Track Stock
  • Make informed decisions with accurate stock valuations
  • Eliminate picking errors
  • Automated Purchasing based on live stock levels
  • Handheld terminal interfaces for picking, packing, receiving, stock takes etc.

Order Processing

The order processing system gives you the tools to process more orders in less time with fewer staff.

Transactions from all your sales channels (Tills, Website, eBay, Amazon, Mail Order etc) are processed in one central location. This gives you once procedure to follow for every order you despatch, instead of having to deal with disparate order processing systems for each retail channel.

The Transaction processing system links in with the TABS system as a whole to provide stock levels and customer history information, giving you the information you need to take the decisions at the time you need to make them.

To make the despatch process quicker and eliminate address errors, TABS integrates with a number of leading carriers – so at the press of a button you get a despatch label direct from the carrier. No more re-entering the customers address multiple times.


  • Electronic Purchase Order Integration Options
  • Purchase Order Invoice & Reconciliation
  • Purchase Order Reporting
  • Automated and Suggested Purchasing options based on required stock levels and sales quantities
  • Linked with Goods In System (Both Web Based & Handheld Terminal Based) to process incoming Purchase Orders and add to Stock and Stock History


  • Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS)
    • User friendly minimum training till interfaces
    • Modern touch screen design
    • Live stock availability from your stock and supplier stock
    • Customer specific pricing
    • Create Quotes
    • Multiple Hardware Options
      • Discrete and Interchangeable Till Hardware
      • Styling ‘All In One’ Till Units
      • Space saving ‘Mobile EPOS Units’

Web Sites

Depending on your requirements, we can either supply a quick template based site to get you up and running as quickly as possible, or we can build a fully bespoke custom designed site.

Our websites are fully responsive so they work just as well on mobile devices, tablets and PC’s.

TABS For Tools

  • Supplier Data Feeds
    • Product data direct from suppliers into your stock database.
    • Your supplier cost pricing feeds directly into your stock database.
    • Supplier stock availability
    • Electronic Invoicing &  reconciliation
    • Submit purchase orders directly to your suppliers



eBay is a huge market place with massive numbers of sales – you can be part of that at the click of a button using TABS.

The downsides of selling on eBay are the tedious listings process and the clunky slow eBay Order System. TABS solves both of those problems and saves you many man-hours in the process.

Listing a problem on eBay is as easy as ticking a check box. TABS then does the time consuming bit for you.

TABS will then download all your orders from eBay and put them in your TABS Order System for processing. It will then let eBay know when the order has been despatched.

TABS allows eBay to become just another one of your retailer channels, instead of a time sink that requires extra investment in time and staff.



Selling on Amazon is as easy a checking a box with TABS. All the hard work is done behind the scenes leaving you to concentrate on your stock, pricing and despatching orders.

Orders are processed in the TABS Order System so Amazon becomes just another one of your retail channels.

Your inventory and stock levels are automatically sent to Amazon by TABS – all you need to do is fulfil your orders.


Google Shopping

Drive customers direct to your own website by listing your items on Google Shopping. Select which items you want to include in your Google Shopping Feed and they will automatically be submitted.

Multi Channel

  • Multichannel Retailing all from one database
    • Website
    • Mail Order / Telephone
    • Instore
    • eBay – listings created at the click of a button with live stock levels
    • Amazon feeds at the click of a button with live stock levels
    • Multichannel Pricing – set different pricing rules for each channel

We specialise in integrating with 3rd party systems – if you have another retail channel you would like to connect to TABS, please speak with us.

Sage Integration

TABS offers significant time savings by integrating with Sage Accounts package. By automating the import and export of data from Sage you can save many hours every week and prevent transcribing errors.

TABS will export Customers, Transactions & Purchase Orders into Sage, and will export Account Limits, Balances and Account Status for use within TABS.

The result is error free & consistent accounts, allowing your time to be spent on more profitable pursuits.


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